My Love Profile


Your positive traits:
You’re intuitive enough to know what’s going wrong in a relationship early on
A total sweetheart – you’re often the most caring person anyone knows
You are a generous and devoted parter to whoever you fall in love with

Your negative traits:
Insecurity – you tend to need a huge amount of comforting from your partner
You tend to be overly sensitive and easily hurt, which make loving you difficult
It’s difficult to predict your moods. One minute you’re up – the next you’re down.

Your ideal partner:
Someone equally sensitive, who wants to take time to get to know you deeply
Dreams of an everlasting love – complete with marriage and a family
Loves to take care of you. Being a good cook and masseuse doesn’t hurt!

Your dating style:
Slow. You enjoy dates that last all day, with plenty of time to talk and get to know one another.

Your seduction style:
Quite tender and loving, once you are comfortable in your relationship.
Coy. You tend to play it cool to drive your lover wild.
Orally talented – you’re known as the best kisser in the zodiac.

Tips for the future:
Be a little less sensitive. Not every little mistake should hurt you.
Spend time away from your partner every so often – independence is a good thing.
Find ways to take care of yourself. You’ll be happier if you put yourself first.

Kenapa gw nulis beginian?? Padahal ini hanya postingan (baca: mengopi). Karena gw suntuk hari ini, BT, kesel, marah, muak.. jadi males nulis.

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