Getting Bored

Bored bored bored bored…

What else can amused me in this unreal world? Blogwalking? Download this n that? Pr0n? Gossip or news? Exciting mailing-list? Chatting? YM Conference? Everything is boring!! Internet helps me to get through my Long Distance Relationship. No more, no less. None can make me laugh, happy, tempting to know everything, ‘coz everything seems dull and insipid. Strange it is, when my internet connection is unlimited, and then I get bored.

Terlibat dalam beberapa masalah yang memakai perasaan™, membuatku menjauh dari komputer sementara untuk menemui mereka yang membutuhkanku. Dear, I’ll be happy to help you. After all, I need another distraction besides internet too.

In two weeks, I’ll go to Malang to attend Chinese New Year at my dad’s big family. It’s been 14 years I stay in Jakarta and not a single time I have time to go to Malang for this celebration. Like, how to bow, to say pao-pao, to say xie-xie after receive angpao, since I’m a big girl now and already have a job *smile*. For real, I’ll be missing all my cousins. Oh yes, I’ll fly with Sherly, my cousin. She’s doing her magang in Jakarta, after she finished all her classes in Petra University, Surabaya. Yes, we’ll go together.

Here, I’m sharing a little laugh ness for you.. please, have a look.

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